School Age Care

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School Age Care [SAC] offers child care before and after school at the Youth Center on Sigsbee Park for children K-12. There are holiday, summer and spring camps as well as full time and drop in care. Rates and fees are based on total household income. 

SAC Hourly Care Program: Must be K-12 years old and have an active SAC registration on file. Reservations can be made in person or over the phone. SAC Hourly Care location is the Sigsbee Youth Center. On a regular basis, families may not exceed 10 hours of care per child per week during SAC Before & After School Program. On a regular basis, families may not exceed 25 hours of care per child per week during Summer Camp.

"Give Parents a Break" - Child & Youth Programs offer additional child care monthly. These dates could be in the evenings as well as on the weekends. Cost is per child, per hour and each child must be registered along with their shot records. Check the monthly schedule of events for dates and times. 

Wait List for Military Child Care at CYP, NAS Key West:

Are you unable to find child care within CYP at NAS Key West? Register on and be added to a waitlist to qualify:

School Age Care and Child Developement Center HOURLY CARE available.

School Age Care: 305-293-4437

Youth & Teen Center: 305-293-2099