Did you know by using your Commissary you can save 30% or more on your groceries, especially here in Key West where the outside prices are some of the most expensive in Florida.

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Special orders are always available to our patrons. If you're looking for a special thickness or weight we can make it happen.

TDY: Is your unit coming to sunny Key West? Did you know you can contact us in advance for special orders that will be waiting for you when you arrive? Just call 305-293-4405 and let us take care of your grocery or special BBQ needs.


Visitors are allowed to enter the commissary when accompanied by the sponsor/authorized commissary patron. Your guest and visitor will not be allowed to shop, but it's worth the privilege to have your friends see what great benefits you have from protecting our country's freedom. Only the authorized purchaser may buy, so to protect your benefit, I.D. check will be verified at the cash register, so please help us to protect your number one non-paid military benefit.


Keep our Key West Waters pristine and protect our wildlife. Bring you Commissary plastic bags back to us and we will recycle them for you. The drop box is located at the main exit. Thank you for protecting our environment.

Gift Vouchers

Commissaries are now offering Gift Cards, give the gift of food. $25.00 and $50.00 Gift Cards are available for purchase at the registers. Anyone may acquire gift cards; For more information visit us at www.commissaries.


Buy club packs for large items at large savings...Commissary shoppers are discovering the benefits of "club packs" in increasing numbers. Commissaries began selling popular products in bulk three years ago, and sales have gained momentum ever since. Club packs allow customers to stock up on products they need all the time-things like canned goods, paper products, and cleaning supplies and save money in the process. A majority of commissaries sell at least some of the club packs, even overseas stores; and variety is determined by store size and customer need. Club pack selection includes the most popular products people want to buy with top sellers including water, toilet paper, paper towels, and sanitizing wipes.


Commissary Rewards Cards now available at all commissaries. The Defense Commissary Agency is proud to announce that the Commissary Rewards Card is now available at all commissaries. The card, a joint effort with grocery industry partners to help customers save even more on their commissary purchases, lets customers access and redeem digital coupons at any of its stores. The cards are easy to use: 1) customers pick up their cards in-store, 2) visit DeCA's website,, to complete registration and load digital coupons to their account, and 3) when the card is scanned at the register, the coupons are matched to their purchases and automatically deducted from the balance owed. Customers can print a list of their coupons before making the trip to the commissary. New offers will typically be posted online every two to three weeks. For more information on this card, please visit and click Commissary Rewards Card. Help is also available through the customer service hotline at 855-829-6219 or through email at

Some key points about the card are:

  • Customers are advised to regularly visit the Commissary Rewards Card site that is linked on the website for any new digital coupon updates. At the Commissary Rewards Card site, customers can also sign up to get email notifications when new coupons are added. 
  • Only one Commissary Rewards Card can be used per customer transaction.
  • Each digital coupon has terms and limits that are stated by manufacturers. Manufacturers determine the number of coupons they release on the website, and coupon offers are removed once quantities have been clipped or offers have reached their expiration dates.
  • There is no extension for overseas digital coupons since customers have the same Internet access available to them regardless of their location.
  • DeCAs coupon policy also limits coupons to one per purchase, so these coupons cannot be combined with manufacturer coupons, to include commissary or military paper coupons.