School Liaison

The School Liaison (SL) serves as the primary link between schools, Commanders, and military parents pertaining to K-12 educational issues. The job of the SL involves informing and linking military families to the resources and information needed to maximize the educational opportunities to ensure academic success for all military children.

Get all of your school-based questions answered.  Navy SL personnel understand the difficulty that families face through frequent transitions and extended deployments. Navy SL education professionals work closely with school administrators to foster a positive and mutually beneficial relationship between schools and the military community, all for the sake of the military child.

Parents and community members with questions on school-age military child education are encouraged to contact their local School Liaison education professional.  Navy SL program are located on all major installations.

FY24 Q1 CNRSE Quarterly Newsletter 

Office: 305-393-9510

Cell: 305-293-4442


View the CNRSE School Liaison Quarterly Newsletter by clicking the link. 

Seven core services provided to assist families:

  • School Transition Services (PCS Cycle)
  • Deployment Support
  • Special Education system Navigation
  • Installation, School, Community Communications
  • Home School Linkage and Support
  • Partnerships in Education (PIE)
  • Post-Secondary Preparations


Exceptional Student Education


Non-Department of Defense Schools


Home Schooling




Post-Secondary Preparation






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