Navy Housing

The Housing Service Center [HSC] is fully trained and prepared to help you with all of your housing needs. If you are a new arrival, we can help you find the right housing for you and your family. If you are leaving we can help you with departure services to put you in contact with your new duty station and the information that will help you settle quickly at your next PCS location.

You can connect with some of our resources here: Navy Housing or NAS Key West Homes

The HSC can also help you with your BAH and Entitlements, as well as introduce you to our Customer Cost Savings & Assistance Programs. Not only does the NAS Key West HSC keep up to date resources, but we have also cultivated relationships with landlords and property owners. Once you find your new home in the community, the HSC is still here to help you. We can go over your Lease, provide home buying counseling and even perform Landlord/Tenant mediation if ever necessary.