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Rules for all MWR Facilities:

  • Patrons will be screened & temperature checked prior to entry
  • Masks are required along with mandatory sanitizer upon entry
  • Water fountain closed

MWR Facilities & Map
Click HERE for a list of MWR phone numbers & hours of operation in addition to info on the Commissary, NEX, transportation & other services and attractions. (information is subject to change)

Truman Fitness Center - REOPENING
The Truman Fitness Center is open to ACTIVE DUTY ONLY, with the following hours: Monday - Friday, 7 AM - 1 PM, closed on Saturday & Sunday. Starting January 19, the Truman Fitness Center will be open from 5 - 9 AM, closed Saturday & Sunday. There is a maximum of 8 patrons at one time. No use of gym bags and no spotters. Showers and locker rooms are closed and the restrooms remain open.

Dog Park Closure - RENOVATIONS
The Sigsbee dog park will be closed Monday at sunset and will reopen on Saturday at sunrise. We apologize for the inconvenience. The closure is in support of a 2-phase renovation and facelift. Phase 1 will include a new dog park entry and new agility equipment. Phase 2 will include a shade structure and picnic tables.

Beachside Recreation Center - ADJUSTED HOURS
The Beachside Recreation Center will have adjusted hours until further notice. The temporary hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday from 10 AM - 6 PM and Sunday 10 AM - 3 PM. The facility will be closed Tuesday and Friday. 

Sunset Lounge Bar & Grill - EXPANDED HOURS
The Sunset Lounge Bar & Grill has expanded their hours of operation to include Monday & Tuesday from 4 - 9 PM. They will offer a specialty menu on Monday & Tuesday, Regular menu available Wednesday - Sunday.

The pool will be open to active duty and immediate dependents only - no guests or extended family. Please visit the Trumbo Pool page for additional rules and regulations: CLICK HERE. 

Navy Getaways Campground and Vacation Rentals - RESERVATIONS 
All Navy Getaways Campground and Vacation Rentals reservations have been cancelled through March 21, 2021. No new reservations are being made at this time. 

Navy Getaways Vacation Rentals - RATE CHANGE
As of October 1, 2020, the Navy Getaways Vacation Rentals rates per night are as follows: 

  • Vacation Rentals Townhouses
    • $145 - active duty, retirees, reservists and qualified veterans
    • $150 - civilians
  • Vacation Rentals Trailers
    • $120 - active duty, retirees, reservists and qualified veterans
    • $125 - civilians 

Navy Getaways Campground - RATE CHANGE
As of December 15, 2020, the Navy Getaways Campground rates per night are as follows: 

  • Campground Dry Sites and Tents
    • $22 - active duty, retirees, reservists and qualified veterans
    • $26 - civilians
  • Campground Full Hookup
    • $32 - active duty, retirees, reservists and qualified veterans
    • $37 - civilians 

Updated Instructions to replace 1710.6

  • Campgrounds & Recreational Vehicle Park
    • Click HERE for NASKW Instruction 1710.7: Operation, Management and Policies of the Naval Air Station, Key West Campgrounds and Recreational Vehicle Park
  • Storage Program
    • Click HERE for NASKW Instruction 1710.8: Operation, Management and Policies of the Naval Air Station, Key West Storage Program
  • Marinas
    • Click HERE for NASKW Instruction 1710.9: Operation, Management and Policies of the Naval Air Station, Key West Marinas

Tickets & Travel Office - Military Salute Tickets
Disney has announced that Military Salute Tickets will have their expiration dates extended through September 26, 2021. The tickets may be used on non-consecutive days.

Laundry Facility Closure
The bathhouse & laundry facility, building V-4105, adjacent to the Youth Center on Sigsbee Park is partially closed. The bathhouse side is open but the laundry side is closed until further notice. 

Animals at MWR Food & Beverage Facilities
Per Tri-Service Navy Medicine instruction, animals are not allowed inside any food & beverage facility on NAS Key West unless it is a service dog. Please note that this applies to inside and outside restaurants and bars. We appreciate your cooperation. 

Use of Post Office on Boca Chica
The Boca Chica Post Office box #9060 CANNOT be used for delivery of mail or packages. These boxes are for Official Government Business ONLY and any mail sent to that PO Box will be returned to the Main Post Office downtown. Campers and boaters have the option to get a PO Box at 3 facilities in town, the Main Post Office on Whitehead St, the Post Office at the Winn Dixie Shopping Plaza and the Navy Exchange on Sigsbee. For General Delivery of mail and/or packages they must be addressed to the Main Post Office downtown and CANNOT be addressed to the Boca Chica Post Office. Any mail and/or packages delivered for General Delivery to Boca Chica will be returned to the Main Post Office. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

On base employment & home businesses
MWR recognizes the challenges posed by the geography, economic climate, and availability of services in our local community. To the fullest extent possible, we utilize the abilities and talents of customers and guests to improve our services. If you are looking for work - we have open positions available. Please visit for a listing of all of our positions. We also want to remind those with home based business that care for children offer fitness training or other MWR type services that there are limitations and requirements that must be met to include approval of the Commanding Officer to operate such a business. Contact the NASKW Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) for more information.

GOWiFi: If you are having issues with GoWiFi at NAS Key West call: 888-339-7150 or email: