Recreational Lodging Campground Q&A

Recreational Lodging Campground

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Is there a plan for the ECP at Sigsbee Park to be manned again?
A. No. I don’t discuss our base security measures but I can assure you we work with our local law enforcement partners to protect all of our assets.
Q. Are there more plans to add full hookups? Why are there less campground spaces?
A. Yes, someday with money if funding is available we’d like to add more full hookups. There are less spaces due to COVID and have spaced out the campground parking spots accordingly.
Q. Why are there so many open spots?
A. Some spots are down for maintenance, some are empty during the overbooking process. There are times when reservations are booked in the system and the guests don’t show up for days at a time, they call and let us know and we charge them. This is an extremely common occurrence with all types of vacation stays.
Q. Why don’t you rotate spots?
A. We don’t have the jobs/manpower or money to maintain that level of service.
Q. When we call the Campground Park Office, staff does not have the answers or they say they don’t have control over the reservations systems (Navy Bed).
A. It’s a regionalized reservation system. I understand there are glitches and technical issues. We’ll continue to look into relaying our wishes to improve.
Q. Frustration with online reservation process.
A. It’s a newer system and with our changes it’s going to take some time for the agents not in Key West to have it down with less errors.
Q. I am disappointed to see tent sites moved and we need more enforcement of site rules. Why do we pay the same price for different sites/styles of RV?
A. We can look at the capabilities for more and bigger tents and water sites for tents.
Q. Why did you do away with handicap sites?
A. There are still handicap sites and we’ll look at the number of them and the prioritization of those sites. There are 7 Full hook up Handicap accessible sites and 9 Dry Handicap accessible sites. Sites are not marked in the system as Handicap, it is noted in the reservation a guest is requesting a Handicap site and upon check in the guest will be placed in a Handicap site if available.
Q. There is plenty of open space for boat and trailer storage on Sigsbee Park, why can’t we use it?
A. We have proper MWR storage available we won’t put storage in places that are open. It’s a beautification issue. We’ll look into the possibility of temporary storage for items that are used to get here. Our office reaches out to guests to let them know there is limited availability for storage and to let us know if they will be bringing a towed item so we have some idea of what the availability looks like or if they would have to find a storage site out in town.
Q. Trying to get reservations was nerve-wracking.
A. We have more demand than we do campground spaces. So it has to be first-come, first-served, and the reservation lengths allow for more people to have a chance to visit instead of people reserving the whole park for the whole season. We will work on solving the online reservation system. Mentions spots are in high demand, more than what we have. Had to maximize the benefit to all other patrons making the 90 day max reservation change.
Q. There’s not enough handicap spots.
A. We’ll do a feasibility study to see what is needed.
Q. On Trumbo Point there are less areas to camp than before 400 and 600 series are gone.
A. We got rid of some sites because of air operations at the C-1 hangar. We also cleaned up sites to consolidate. There are no plans to expand at Trumbo Point anymore.
Q. Why do we have to wear the same safety clothing for motorcycles as e-bikes, etc.?
A. Navy Motor Safety regulations call for full PPE over 49cc.
Q. Why is the swimming pool always closed?
A. We have money for lifeguards, but we don’t have actual people applying for lifeguard positions. Without a certain number of lifeguards, we’re not allowed to open the pool.
Q. Is there a plan to keep the website up to date on a day-to-day basis?
A. We will check the language on the website.
Q. How do the reservations works for 30 days, 90 days, etc.?
A. Reservations can be made for a total of 90 days for months that are currently open. If reservations are desired for months further out than 6 months or 12 months you can call to extend your reservation on the 1st of the following month.
Retirees, DoD civilians or eligible veterans, can make reservations 6 months in advance. For example, at 12 AM on January 1, these patrons can call 877-NAVY-BED or go online to and make reservations for anytime through July 31. On February 1 you can call and extend your reservation for anytime through August 31. On March 1 you can call and extend your reservation for anytime through September 30, but not to exceed a total of 90 days.
Active Duty members and Reservists can make reservations 12 months in advance by calling 877-NAVY-BED or go online to For example, at 12 AM on January 1, these patrons can call and make a reservation for any time through January 31 the following year.
Reservations may be made by calling the local MWR Campground Office at 8:30 AM Monday through Sunday. Call 877-NAVY-BED and go online to as early as 12 AM on the first of each month.
Q. Is it possible to have a combo of items in our lot? Like a storage trailer? Instead of just one RV?
A. We can check into that. Suggestion from Shannon (MWR) - In the past guests were able to have their tow dolly on site as long as it could be tucked into their RV. I think it would be a good idea to go back to that and use the Tow Dolly Sites other storage items.
Q. We need more beautification, like mowing and adding shade tents or fire pits.
A. We can look into those.
Q. We need better numbering of lots in case of emergencies. Can we have card readers for annex access? Please update the technology on the reservation website. Can we use the community center?
A. We are working to get the numbered spaces redone but this will take time.
Q. How to get in touch for questions?
A: @MWRKeyWest on Social media, phone numbers on website –, MWR chain of command, and ICE comments.
Q. Why did the prices go up?
A. We did a full analysis across our Region, and now we’re about the same. We have to make money to sustain the campground, we can’t lose money on it.