Navy Region Southeast 2021 Nautical Mile Challenge

The Nautical Mile Challenge is an individual and team interval running challenge where the goal is to run a Nautical Mile (6076 ft.) while completing various strength intervals along the way to test your cardio and endurance. The event is performed on a running track and starts with a quarter mile run. After the first quarter mile, 50 pushups are performed in the "interval zone". These pushups can be performed fast or slow and with as many breaks as needed.  The participant then runs the second quarter mile, and performs 50 air squats in the "interval zone." The participant runs the third quarter mile, and performs 50 sandbag cleans (25 lb. bag). After finishing the cleans, the participant heads out for the final quarter mile. When they get to the "interval zone", they pickup a sandbag and sprint with the bag 800 ft. to the finish. 

This event is open to all MWR authorized patrons. Participants can compete as individuals, and teams of 4. Teams can only be active duty, must consist of 4 members and must be from the same command. Following registration, participants will be contacted to schedule their event day and time - participants will have a limited set of time slots available.


This is a TIMED EVENT and can be completed during the month of March 2021 at the Boca Chica Fitness Center outdoor track:

  • Run 400 m (2 laps around Boca Chica track)
  • 50 push ups
  • Run 400 m
  • 50 squats
  • Run 400 m
  • 50 sandbag cleans
  • Run 400 m
  • Sprint 800 feet with sandbag to finish


- Top Male/Female at each installation win a hoodie sweatshirt & $25 VISA gift cards

- Top 4-Person Command Team receives $25 gift cards for each team member

- First 100 participants to register will receive a Challenge Coin and String Backpack provided by Geico Military

- Top participants and teams in the entire NRSE will also receive awards and recognition as the "Fittest Sailors in the Southeast"!


Check out MWR Mayport's Youtube video of their Nautical Mile Challenge:  

This event is presented by Geico Military and sponsored by Saint Leo University. No Navy endorsement implied. #GeicoMilitary #NauticalMile21


Q & A

Q: Can females do pushups on their knees?

A: Yes, but if they do they cannot win or be a top finisher.  Top finishers must all do military style pushups on their toes.


Q: Can someone compete as an individual AND on an Active Duty 4-Person team?

A: Yes, and they can win with both!


Q: Can we substitute another exercise interval instead of the sandbags?

A: No, we have to have everyone doing the same intervals in the same order.